CCTV-Surveillance (SIA)

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CCTV-Surveillance (SIA)

£289.99 £235.99

Course duration: 1- 3 days

This course gives you the first step to gaining a SIA CCTV License which allows you to work in the private security industry as a CCTV operative.

Course content –
Unit 1: Working in the private security industry
This is an introduction module to the course which covers: Private security industry, Legal aspects, Health & Safety, Fire safety awareness, Emergency procedures, Communication skills, and Customer care.
Unit 2: Working as a CCTV operator
This module gives a deeper insight into the job and how you can be a successful CCTV operator. This unit covers: Codes of Practice, Procedures and Guidelines, Legislations, CCTV Operations, Communications, Emergency Procedures, CCTV Systems, and Health & Safety.
Unit 3: Practical use of CCTV systems
This part of the course let’s you take control of a CCTV system. By the end of this unit you should fully understand how to use CCTV equipment and be able to operate the CCTV system
Assessment – This course is assessed by 1 practical assessment and 2 multiple choice exams.

On Successful completion of the course – Apply for the license on the SIA website, the costs for this will be available on the SIA website.

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CCTV Surveillance

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