Certificate in Education & Training (CET Formerly CTLLS)

£700.00 £579.00


Certificate in Education & Training (CET Formerly CTLLS)

£700.00 £579.00

Location: Online
Duration: 6 hours

Eduqan provides this CET course as a progression from the AET and offers greater understanding of teaching and training as a whole. It provides the learner with the skills daily skills required as a trainer, lesson plans, delivery method and how to give feedback. The course is ideal for those who have experience training or teaching and wish to build and improve their knowledge. This course can also be taken by those who don’t have the experience of delivering courses previously but wish to move into the field of education and training.
For you to complete the level 4 certificate in education and training, you are required to complete 36 credits in total, 21 of which is mandatory and 15 which you select from the optional units.

Course Curriculum
Mandatory Units – Assignments
Unit 01: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities And Relationships In Education And Training (3 Credits)
Unit 02: Planning To Meet The Needs Of Learners In Education And Training (3 Credits)
Unit 03 : Delivering Education And Training (6 Credits)
Unit 04: Assessing Learners In Education And Training (6 Credits)
Unit 05: Using Resources For Education And Training (3 Credits)

Optional Units – Assignment
Unit 30: Developing, Using And Organising Resources In A Specialist Area (15 Credits)
Unit 34: Inclusive Practice (15 Credits)
Unit 40: Teaching In A Specialist Area (15 Credits)

Assessment type:
You will be assessed through the completion of several written assignments and teaching session which can be submitted through recorded videos. The number of recorded teaching sessions you submit will depend on which optional units you select but submission has to be within 6 month of the course start date.

Course requirements:
Learners will need to be over the age of 19, and must demonstrate the following:
• Vocational or academic qualification at Level 3 or higher
• Basic level of literacy, numeracy and ICT ability
In order to qualify for the program (Awarding Body Registration) you will need to make the payment of £129 (Inc. VAT) and submit a completed application form which will be provided to you. This form should be provided to us within a month of enrolment along with the following;
• Proof of educational qualifications
• You must provide an identification document such as a passport or a driving licence.

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